Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Perfect Midday Snack and Nightcap - The Grateful Leaf CBD Review

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If you didn't have the chance to read my last post, you'll understand a bit more on why CBD has become part of my daily routine.  I can't stress enough just how much it has helped me along the way with getting through some of my toughest days when it comes to chronic pain. However, I must say that not all CBD products are the made the same. I know what it's like to search constantly for reviews on specific products of interest to find out if they are reliable or not, so I'm here to help lessen the headache of searching for a trustworthy CBD brand (big company or small start up) to help you out on your health and wellness journey. 

Let me start by introducing to you a brand that I have recently gotten to know over the past month, The Grateful Leaf Organic CBD.  It is a proud Veteran owned business that prides itself on great personal customer service and quality United States sourced 100% organic certified products. You'll find on their website and social media platform that they sell their own line of CBD products in addition to brands like CbdMD and Hemp Living to name a few. Reccently, Doug Ramos, the CEO of The Grateful Leaf had kindly reached out to me and offered to send me a few of his items in exchange for my honest review. 

First off, I was very surprised and elated upon receiving my package from The Grateful Leaf as Doug included items in there that truly made it like some sort of "mystery box", which was fun and exciting to unpack. I really appreciated how he packaged each item well and everything inside the box was protected from damage during delivery. The extra items that were included in the package are the CbdMD Recover 1500 Cream, CbdMD Bath Bomb, The Grateful Leaf T-Shirt, Sticker Pack, Sunglasses and CbdMD Drawstring Bag. Some of these extra items, I will review next time. However, there were an additional two items included in the package which will be my current focus for review today. The items I will be currently reviewing are The Grateful Leaf Premium Berry CBD Oil 300mg and their Premium Tropical Mix Gummies 300mg.

The day I had initially received my package (August 31, 2020) was the day I began using the CBD products. I was truly excited to try these out since I was really looking forward to a good night's sleep after having a recent and painful cervical spondylosis flare up that same week. The first product I want to share is The Grateful Leaf Premium Berry CBD Oil 300mg. I used this product every night before bed by taking 12-15 drops (measurements can vary for different people and may take longer to experience as it builds up in the body) under my tongue and waiting 30 seconds before swallowing. I'll admit though, the Berry flavor took some getting use to (as with any other berry flavored product out there) since I'm more accustomed to Mint, Citrus or Non-flavored tinctures. However, the more I took this product, the better it got (flavor wise). I really like that this specific oil tincture went down smoothly without giving me that itchy feeling in my throat. Here's some important info to know about their CBD Oil tincture product:

  • It's THC Free (it won't get you high)
  • High-quality manufacturing process for wholesome hemp properties
  • Sourced from USA grown quality Hemp
  • Superior Broad Spectrum Oil
  • 10mg of CBD per ML
  • Vegan and Gluten Free
For sleeping purposes, The Grateful Leaf Premium Berry CBD Tincture Oil did help me get a good night's rest. The entire time that I was on it, I felt relaxed, comfortable and stress free. In fact, I was able to get 8 hours of sleep without feeling groggy the following morning. Currently, they only have Berry flavor. However, I'm hoping that they will soon add more flavors for those who like to have options. 😀

The last product I want to share is their Tropical Mix Premium Gummies 300mg. Now this was one of my favorites from their line of products. The gummies were delicious and made the perfect nightcap next to their CBD oil tincture. I enjoyed these gummies by taking one every night and just letting them sort of melt in my mouth. For me personally, one was enough to help get me through the night as I know taking this will vary for every person. Some people will take one in the day and another at night. For ingredients, please refer to this link here.

In addition to the flavor of these tasty treats, I really liked the fact that it didn't leave behind any sort of metallic of candy syrup aftertaste. It tasted natural and well balanced thanks to their organic ingredients. When you open the bottle, you'll notice that it is sealed for protection and fresh upon opening. Each bottle also has an expiration date so you'll know when to consume these treats by. I'd have to say, these gummies are one of my favorites so far out there in the CBD market!

A bottle of their gummies is priced at $30.99 as well as their CBD tincture oil. Both are definitely worth trying out!

The Grateful Leaf is an up and coming Organic CBD brand and business that is certainly taking off and I believe they are headed in the right direction with their products. They also sell/distribute CbdMD products which are pretty popular in the CBD community. If you're looking for options for pain management and/or for overall health and wellness needs, The Grateful Leaf has some great products to offer and help you on your journey. Check them out! 

**Products were Provided by the Brand**




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