Thursday, August 13, 2020

My Diagnosis & Life with Medterra CBD

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For the past few years now, CBD has been part of my daily life. I must say, I've been quite happy with how CBD has helped me manage my chronic pains along with general anxiety - most especially having to adjust to this "new norm".
Last February 2019, I remember sitting at my work desk when suddenly, I felt a sharp prickling pain in the back of my neck out of nowhere. It felt like I got stung by a bee! I knew that this didn't happen just from sleeping oddly the night before. I sat there annoyed by the fact that no matter what stretches or massages I did that day, nothing helped. For an entire week having dealt with it, nothing had changed. That's when I decided to seek medical attention. I went through the process just so I could be referred to a specialist. That entailed being prescribed pain meds (which didn't work) during the first appointment, then being referred to physical therapy (which I had 12 sessions in the span of 6 months), then going back to follow up and finally be referred to a spine specialist just so I could get an MRI. Though the PT was great, the pain was on going and frustrating. 

When I finally saw a spine specialist, he performed a physical test on my neck and arms to which he detected that I could possibly have some sort of wear and tear on my vertebrae. He then ordered an MRI which was what I had been longing for since the beginning of this whole entire process. Fast forward to when the MRI results arrived, it was determined that I did have what appeared to be degenerative cervical spondylosis in my c3-c5. Terrified of this diagnosis, all I wanted to know was how it could be managed. Of course, he recommended a procedure that would require cervical facet injections to be done. Boy, did that sound invasive when I first heard it. Just so you know, I'm terrified of needles despite the fact that I had already been through 2 non-related surgeries prior. 

I then asked what the other alternative to "healing" would be for this specific diagnosis, to which he replied, "unfortunately, there is no cure for it.". Insert sad face here _______. That was a bummer to hear. He recommended the procedure which didn't guarantee that it would definitely work. Of course, the benefits here outweighed the risks and he mentioned that some people only need this procedure done 1 time a year or maybe even 2 times depending on how well I am able to manage through it. Perhaps I googled way too many times to even want to do this. Those needles sounded gigantic btw when he described the procedure. He also asked if I wanted to get a prescription for some pain (narcotic) meds, but I kindly declined as I really didn't want to go down that depressing path.  Therefore, he referred me to his best spine/neck surgeon so they could look into it further. 

It was the following month after seeing the spine specialist (September 2019) when I was finally able to see the surgeon to see what his thoughts were regarding my injury/diagnosis. I'm stating that this would be an injury due to the nature of the work I was doing that contributed to the pain. Working with 3 desktop monitors without proper ergonomic evaluation and assistance is definitely something that triggered this beast of a pain in my neck. The surgeon had recommended the cervical facet procedure as well as another alternative which I was surely drawn to since I was pretty familiar with it. He recommended a product called Medterra which was a cooling cream that he was very fond of as he explained how he used it daily for his own neck. Since he recommended this product to me and because it was a safer alternative that I was already familiar with, I had decided to forgo the procedure since I had to wait quite a long time just to have my insurance approve of the claim. It actually took a couple months for it to get approved and oddly enough, it was right before the start of the pandemic. 

Thankfully, Medterra helped me out greatly! That cooling cream (which I picked up from the doctor) seriously worked it's magic on me to help keep me sane! Honestly, the neck pains were unbearable! I even purchased a theracane and electronic heat pad to help prior to the CBD! Just recently, Medterra was kind enough to send me a few of their products which have been my go-to products lately in helping to manage the chronic pains and anxiety. They've also been so kind as to let me share a code with you guys to use so you could get 15% OFF your order if you happen to find a product on their website that you'd like to try out. Trust, they are awesome and reputable!  Check them out below!

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