Thursday, March 29, 2018


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One of the things I enjoy is eating delicious food, but in moderation of course. There are times when I find it can be a challenge to figure out what snacks to eat to curve those junk food cravings when your metabolism is running high. However, after recently discovering these protein chips from IWON ORGANICS, I no longer feel guilty about eating these after I've had an amazing workout!

I can't tell you enough just how much I was excited to learn about these chips! Here are a few reasons why these chips satisfy my cravings...

  • We're talking about pure organic ingredients: Tortilla-style protein chips that are blended with the highest quality non-gmo, plant-based, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher ingredients.
  • Optimal nutritional profile: 12g protein. 5g fiber. 0g of sugar. Only 195 calories. All without sacrificing the flavor or crunch you crave.
  • On-the-go snacking: A totally convenient and tasty high protein snack for anyone living an active lifestyle. It sustains your energy levels all day long as you work and play.
  • It's something for everyone: from fitness enthusiasts looking for a muscle-building snack, to kids and families who know that nutritious should also mean delicious. these chips are for you.
  • Newly reformulated: A reinvented chip for your healthy lifestyle. It's infused with wholesome ingredients along with a new touch of coarse sea salt to satisfy cravings.

These chips are simple and very accommodating for those who suffer from food allergies. I was very surprised to find that these chips are pretty delicious! I also appreciate that these chips are packed with 12g of protein and that they have no artificial flavors! We're talking about guilt-free chips here ya'll! For me, it's a treat to have these snacks when I'm on-the-go after a sweaty gym sesh. These are totally a great alternative to regular chips. I'd have to say hands down, these are the best tasting healthy chips on the market today!

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*Thank you IWON ORGANICS for sending me a sample complimentary for testing purposes**

Hope you enjoy these chips as much as I do! Till the next post....


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