Monday, February 27, 2012

Skin Care - Quick Pick Me Ups

When it comes to shopping for clothes, most of us have a fairly good idea of what size we wear, but finding a skin care fit isn't always that simple. For me, I've always struggled with sensitive skin to find the right product that would give my face enough hydration and protection while making it stronger and brighter. Currently, these items below are the only products I have used that have individually been recommended by a doctor or someone I've met across the way that have actually used it for themselves. Now that I have tested these products and used them for quite some time, I wanted to share these items with you incase you've ever wondered what would be a fair and reasonably priced "Pick Me Up" for those dealing with sensitive skin like me... 

After walking through the skin care aisle at Trader Joe's and doing a quick read through of a few of their products, a friendly male employee of all people caught me grabbing this item and stopped his own tracks to rave about how great this product was on his skin. 

According to the store clerk, this product "smells refreshing and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky!" Budget friendly for a total of $7-$8 combined for both the cleanser and lotion, I decided to take a chance and put it to the test.

What I like about this product is the fact that it's packed with Vitamin C and E as well as orange extract and aloe. Both the gentle cleanser and lotion are Organic and contain no parabens & petroleum and most importantly are "Cruelty Free" which means they have not been tested on animals.

When applying the cleanser, all you need is a dime sized amount to produce quite the lather on your skin. It rinses off easily as well as removes all makeup and and doesn't dry out the skin at all. I noticed that with both products, my sensitive skin was made firmer, smoother and more even toned over two weeks of usage at night before bed. Overall, I was quite satisfied with this purchase. It does what it says and even better that it's great for both men and women! These products have lasted me quite a while as I've had it with me before my move to Texas. Unfortunately, both are nearing its end and there are no Trader Joe's around in sight so I'm on the lookout and doing research for the next Quick Pick Me Up that will work just as great on my sensitive skin. 

Before purchasing the Trader Joe's face lotion and cleanser, I was actually using just the regular Clearasil Daily Oil-Free Face Wash, Sensitive Formula (which every now and then I use in the shower). I don't quite have any serious issues with the face wash as it does what it says, however after showering and using the product, my face shows redness around my cheeks, chin and t-zone areas. 

Due to my sensitive skin, my dermatologist recommended Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 as they are clinically proven to reduce redness and soothe irritated or sensitive skin. A bit on the pricy side of $13-14 a bottle, I only use this product when my face shows immediate redness and dryness. However, during the winter, I often find myself reapplying the product around my nose and cheek areas which I wish I didn't have to do. It doesn't cure eczema or rosacea, but don't get me wrong as it does help in decreasing the red appearance, therefore I do feel it's worth the purchase especially for the fact that it has the protection you need.

This product works great under makeup as I have had no issues with that. Overall, I do like the fact that it has sunscreen with a tolerable smell. I've used this product for over five years now and have always trusted Aveeno products especially this one being lightweight and soothing. Oil-free, Hypoallergenic, and Noncomedogenic, it certainly works great for most sensitive skins who dry out easily as it absorbs quickly and relieves the itchiness and redness around your face.

Always on a search to find the perfect skin care product that will help with the dryness I tend to suffer during the winter months, I bought this Garnier product on a whim as it was recommended by a beauty user. 

The fact that it contains SPF 15 and states that it's lightweight while locking in moisture and blocking out dryness, I thought heck! Why not give this bottle a try? At $7-$8 a pop, I thought to myself "what am I to lose?" Well, over close to a year later, I still have this product and barely 1/4 of it used. Funny right? You really don't have to use that much to feel the moisture!

Personally, I found Garnier Moisture Rescue Lotion to feel a bit greasy and mildly heavy after applying. It does leave a shine which might not be best suited for those with oily skin, however it does what it says and moisturizes all skin types. I've actually just applied some over my chin area and even on my hands as I was feeling a little dry. It did absorb quickly, but I still feel a few dry spots on my chin which means I'd have to reapply again, however it left my hands and parts of my chin super soft! I'm not that much of a fan of the mild vitamin/fruit like smell that it gives off and after about five minutes of applying the product, I did feel an itch coming on which may have been a reaction to the product. Usually, if I use a product that gives off a greasy feel, my skin will start to feel itchy especially if it has a fragrance and depending on the weather and my body temperature. Overall after trying it out for two weeks, it's not too bad as luckily I didn't break out from it. I would most likely turn to this product if I become super flakey around the nose and the corner brow areas of my face during the winter months. I've read many women raving about this product with sensitive skin and perhaps it may work for you if you choose to try this out for yourself. That would most likely be the only way to know depending on your skin type. 

Currently, I'm on the search for an Organic product as this has ultimately become my preference in skin care. The reason I prefer true Organic products is the fact that they are more readily absorbed in the skin than synthetic ones. However, there are many synthetic lines that work wonderfully. The rule of thumb here is that if you choose an Organic skin care line, make sure it's really Organic. Many famous "all natural" lines are in fact 100% manufactured. Aveda for example, hides behind great fragrances and clever marketing, when in fact they are a synthetic line. 

I hope this information is useful to you and your journey in finding beauty everyday! Let me know what products work for you and what you recommend for sensitive skin. Thanks lovelies!



  1. your blog is so informative! thanks for reviewing the aveeno/garnier products I was thinking about getting them. i still might get the garnier because i have really dry skin and so i might like the rich/oily-ness of it :D


  2. Hi Ke, thanks for taking the time to read my reviews on these products! Yes, definitely give the Garnier lotion a try since you mentioned you have dry skin. It will surely help you out :) Thanks for stopping by! I will be sure to pay you a visit ;) XoXo

  3. I too have really dry skin and I'm making a trip to Ulta tomorrow! Will have to try the Garnier :)

  4. Yes! Let me know how it works for you if you do end up trying it! ;) XoXo

  5. I have combination skin and try to use organic moisturizers. Good thing there's plenty of those her in RP. =)

    1. That's good to hear. They definitely work great for combination skin! :)

  6. hey miss, i saw you on the bloghop page and wanted to say that i love your blog! count me as your newest follower! ♥ follow back ?

    hugs, xo!

    1. Hey Jas! Thanks for tuning in! I totally appreciate the love! I will definitely follow back!!! XoXo

  7. Thanks Justine! I'd love to stop by! Welcome to the blogosphere community!


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