Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MAC Studio Talk Event

When my SIL (sister in-law) sent me a text inviting me and and my girlfriends along to a special MAC event at my old jobby job at Nordstrom, I decided to take advantage and do just that. We met up early the following morning, received our VIP badges and attended a special MAC Cosmetic Course led by their star worldwide Artist Director (so sorry - I forgot her name!). Free food was provided by Nordstrom along with free swag bags containing a few MAC Cosmetic items. They answered a ton of questions and even provided tips on how to apply some of their products that have been seen on the fashion runways of New York.

It was definitely interesting to learn about their products as well as get to know MAC's leading Artist Director who has been behind those curtains during New York's Fashion Week. My girlfriends were definitely taking advantage and participating during the sessions.

It's not too often that these kinds of events are held so I was definitely excited to be back at my old job to experience it all over again by being part of it along with a few of my girlfriends who surely appreciate MAC Cosmetics as well as makeup in general.

After receiving our free crash MAC Cosmetic course, we were all led back to our MAC Artists by which ours was my SIL whom assisted us throughout the whole event. My girlfriend Kathleen was the first client to have her makeup done by which she requested to have more of a natural and chic appearance.

She also asked a few questions pertaining to her daily makeup regimen as she wasn't quite sure how to even out the appearance of her eyes as one she referred to as being "lazy". With my SIL's trusty skills, she gave her a few tips, recommended a product that she used on her and shortly after, Kat was surprised to see the difference.

My other girlfriend Tin wanted to know how to apply fake lashes so my SIL did just that for her and even hooked her up with a free pair. Tin's a pretty bold kind of gal, but is more on the natural side when it comes to makeup. It wasn't till after this experience on another day that I actually saw her with smokey eyes, red lipstick and the lashes that she picked up from MAC. That was surely a step up from the norm, however it definitely looked good on her!

Last, but certainly not least was my gf Bern who usually steps out with just a dab of foundation powder and lip balm. During the makeup session, she admitted to the fact that she wasn't quite sure how to apply a lot of particular makeup items which leads to why she normally walks out everyday with little or no makeup at all. My SIL spent a bit of time with her to explain a few things as well as give her that natural look that she had requested. After that session, Bern's eyes transformed and looked brighter and the tired look she had complained about disappeared.

After three to four hours spent doing makeup, each of us were given a free MAC Cosmetic item of up to $25 of our choice. We then continued to ask more about the products my SIL used on each of us and then of course, purchased more burning a hole in our pockets. Well, it was all worth the experience and I was more than happy to oblige to the invitation. I made sure not to buy too many things since my SIL usually picks up items for me with her 30% discount. At times she'll give products to me for free since Nordstrom usually gives employees free swag which is what I definitely miss the most! I've got a bag full of MAC products that haven't been used yet, but I know I'll eventually get to them.

It was nice to have spent some quality time with a few of my girlfriends that weekend. Free food, free makeup, free MAC Cosmetic Course and swag...Not complaining here.

These are some of the items used on my face that I purchased after the session spent with my SIL. 
  • MAC Mineralize All-Over Lotion - I'm almost running out of this bad boy which is $32. It's silky and smooth in application and quickly restores the dry skin's natural balance. Free of fragrance, mineral oil and color, you can use it for your face and body. 
  • Studio Moisture Tint is an easy one-step finish specifically suited for the season while providing just enough coverage to even out the skin tone for a softly moisturized finish. At $30 a pop, all you need is a dime sized amount which will last you a while as it has done for me. 
  • Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment comes in a small bottle, however I will tell you, a little goes a long way! What it does is it helps hide visible pores while controlling oil and shine particularly in the T-zone area. This product is $20 and long lasting! I definitely recommend it!  
Do you use MAC Cosmetic products? Which ones are your favorite? Feel free to share your thoughts and/or recommendations ;) Have a great day dolls!



  1. Thanks Cami! I would love to follow along! XoXo

  2. Why don't MAC here in the Philippines have events like this? >_<

    I'll definitely check out Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment for my humongous pores. LOL.

    Aside from their lipsticks, I also love their concealers and brushes (especially MAC 217). :)

    Nice post, Jen! <3

    1. Hi Ayzee! I'm surprised that there aren't any MAC events there? Do any of the department stores there sell MAC?

      Yes, def check out the Prep+Prime! It's a great product and truly does what it says! It'll help those pores for 24 hours! Hehe...

      Thanks for your feedback too!

      XoXo <3

  3. i love your blog! Just followed! Follow me back and enter in my giveaway

  4. Hi there. Appreciate it! Thanks for stopping by! I'll definitely pay you a visit and check out that giveaway of yours...Thanks!

  5. so awesome that you got to do this!!!! thank you for checking out my new blog :) Returning the favor!!!

  6. Sweet! Thanks for stopping by and tuning in ;) XoXo

  7. This looks like such a fun event! That's true...you don't really ever feel different. haha. Thanks so much for your sweet comment :)

    1. Super fun! ;) Hehe...Indeed. Thanks for stopping by Sherri! XoXo


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