Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Z natural life Skin Care Trio

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Made in the USA - Cruelty Free - Certified Vegan

Last month was quite the rollercoaster for my family and I having dealt with a few changes here and there; therefore I made the conscious decision to slowly start eliminating skincare products that contained harmful ingredients and I'm so glad I did. 

Z natural life was one of the first clean, cruelty free and vegan certified brands to reach out to me and I'm so happy they did. At the time, my skin was going through so much. My hormones were out of whack and with the constant heatwaves in Southern Cali, my skin was definitely suffering with the products I had been using prior to receiving this Skin Care Trio. It's truly amazing what clean beauty can do for your skin and I'm going to share these 3 awesome products that have helped me out daily.

To read more about the brand and how they make a difference, click here

What Products Have You tried?

The products that I have tried are the Skin Care Trio. This trio comes full-sized and includes:

  1. Revitalizing Serum - $34.99
  2. Energizing Facial Mask - $24.99
  3. Hydrating Overnight Mask - $29.99
A few of my favorite products from Z natural life

My Experience

In the beginning, I was a bit concerned with how my sensitive skin would react once I transitioned from the skincare products I was using prior to this trio, but I'm so glad my skin transitioned well even during the summer heatwaves. No itch, no dry rough patches and no redness. Thank goodness! I was also afraid that these products would not moisturize my skin well enough, but these products have truly proven me wrong. I began using these products in the evening after a full day of wearing makeup. 

After my usual cleansing/toning routine, I gently applied a thin layer of the Energizing Facial Mask and added a few drops of the Revitalizing Serum for more moisturizing benefits. I made sure to apply this mask all around my face most especially the areas that are rough and dry. Once I've completed applying it around my face, I allowed it to set for about 5-20 minutes as there are other times I forget it's on, but you will start to feel it hardening up a bit. Even though at times I'll have it on for a while, after washing my face, my skin feels super smooth! I was really afraid that my skin would feel dry afterwards, but after washing the mask off, I was surprised at how the redness around my cheeks went down and how well it hydrated my skin! This does have anti-inflammatory benefits as well as antimicrobial properties to help reduce the appearance of skin damage which is a plus!

Helpful Tip: Add a couple drops of this with the Energizing and/or Hydrating Mask for added moisturizing benefits.

Shortly after washing and gently pat drying my face, I would use a very thin layer of the Hydrating Overnight Mask around my face as well as a few drops of the Revitalizing Serum which help to hydrate and lessen the appearance of any damage from environmental toxins. Overall, I'm very pleased with how these products have worked for my sensitive and acne-prone skin during the past month. Even with all my raging hormones, these 3 products work well together just like any other brand name products out there in the market that I find to be heavily overpriced. For me, nothing beats clean beauty products.

This trio can be purchased for a sale price of $76.47 which is a great steal. In fact, there's a sale going on at the moment and they're including a free gift with a Revitalizing Serum purchase! You may also purchase these products individually if you'd like. If you like clean skincare products and need a change, check out Z natural life!

My Rating
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 stars

**Received Complimentary thanks to Z natural life**



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