Friday, July 6, 2018

My New Samsung Stainless Steel Top Control Dishwasher

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Wake me up because I must be dreaming! Thanks to Samsung & The Insiders Team, I was one of the lucky few influencers chosen to trade in my old dishwasher for a brand new Samsung Top Control Dishwasher complimentary in exchange for my honest review. 

Prior to receiving my new dishwasher, I never looked forward to doing the dishes. In fact, my old dishwasher that I had traded in had not been working for years; therefore it was mainly used to store extra dishes. Although my old dishwasher still looked fairly new and was kept clean, it had issues that were a challenge to resolve. My family had decided to just deal with the old dishwasher which then made washing dishes a chore that nobody wanted to take care of. Washing dishes became a process where we would put the dishes on a dish rack to dry after washing and then eventually store in the dishwasher. Over time, the dishwasher became crowded with all sorts of kitchen utensils, bowls, cups, plates and the list goes! Below is a snapshot of the dishwasher I traded in and what it looked like inside right before the installers came.

Not too bad right? Well, you have no idea how the new dishwasher has completely changed my life in a great way! I actually enjoy doing the dishes now and the new dishwasher has really motivated everyone in my family to want to take turns using it! My parents have also been enjoying it so much because it truly makes life easier for them. They no longer have to stress about having the fix the old dishwasher and my Mom won't have to take her time making sure each dish is clean. She already deals with osteoporosis which makes it difficult at times for her to do tasks so this was a total game changer for her and for all of us in general.

Here's a list of the awesome features of the new Samsung dishwasher.
  • It's got a Stainless Steel Interior Door that's more durable, hygienic and quieter than most competitor models.
  • The upper rack is height-adjustable so you can easily fit dish ware of various shapes and sizes.
  • It has a Digital Water Leakage Sensor that identifies leaks as small as 2.4 ounces and shuts itself off before water can escape.
  • There are 4 Wash Cycles: Auto, Normal, Heavy & Express 60.
  • 5 Options: Hi-Temp Wash, Sanitize (Anti-bacterial - NSF), Delay Start, Child Lock & Heated Dry.
  • Has 2 Cup Shelves & a Silverware basket
  • Hidden Touch Control located on the top of the door for easy access. 
  • Energy Star Certified

My Experience

I am truly impressed with the new Samsung Top Control Dishwasher. It came at the perfect time when I needed it the most, right before the holiday (July 4th). On July 4th, my Husband and I along with my parents were able to enjoy our new appliance as it brought us together in the kitchen, while enjoying each other's company. This dishwasher is so quiet that I can actually hear myself think! The design is pretty sleek with a hybrid tub and withstands high temperatures unlike our older dishwasher. I love that it also matches most of our kitchen appliances and fit perfectly during installation. When running the first load, I selected the "Normal" cycle and chose the "Heated-Dry" option. Once the cycle finished, I didn't even notice because it was so discreet! When I pulled out the racks, all the dish ware looked so refreshingly clean and spotless! For those that are concerned with the stainless steel door getting fingerprint marks, I use a stainless steel spray and soft microfiber cloth to clean away any smudges or fingerprint marks. I used this initially after the installers completed their job since they needed to make a few adjustments to the height.

Overall, I'm genuinely happy with the Samsung Top Control Dishwasher as the controls are very easy to use with just a gentle touch. I used to dread doing the dishes, but now it's a different story. You can find me taking full advantage of the new dishwasher on the daily as I no longer have to stand at the sink for such a long amount of time. If you're in shop for a new dishwasher appliance, I highly suggest this model as I guarantee it will help make your lives easier.

***Received Complimentary thanks to Samsung***


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