Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My Favorite Natural Wellness Products

During my recent stay in LA, my Sister and I stumbled upon the Saje Natural Wellness Store in Westfield Topanga. It was curiosity that led us to a wonderful discovery which soon became a favorite of mine.

Since this was my first time at Saje, I was drawn in by the aesthetics of the establishment. It was enough to entertain me and get my attention to try out their products. One of their products that sparked my curiosity were their "Foodie" drops that came in Altoid-like containers. Since my Sister and I had just grabbed lunch, she had convinced me to give it a try since it was the perfect time to test one out. Soon-after, their sales associate Jordan began introducing us to a whole arsenal of essential oils that are all 100% Natural and proven to be effective. Below are just a few of their products (& my faves!) that I had purchased and use when needed.

GUTZY - Price - $21.95

For those folks who have chronic tummy issues and need a little assistance after a meal, I turn to GUTZY for some tummy love. With ingredients like peppermint, fennel and chamomile, I always find comfort when using this aromatic oil while massaging in gently onto my stomach. Within a few minutes of applying this oil, I immediately feel relieved and can go on about my day as usual. This stuff works wonders and I can't get over just how much it has truly helped me deal with my tummy issues. I find that this also helps when you're going through your cycles and having cramps. Thank goodness for GUTZY!!!

Head Soother Kit - Price - $39.95

Another one of my favorites that helps me greatly is their Head Soother Kit from their Natural Farmacy line. What I love about this kit is the fact that I can carry this in my purse and have it with me anywhere I go. It's so convenient to have and extremely helpful for those days when I need to cool, soothe and clear my head and mind. I've been using this quite a lot lately most especially during these hot summer days when I start to feel a headache/nausea coming on. For those that work in an office and are staring at the monitor for some time, it's helpful to take a break and use this kit to help you go about your day. 

For $39.95, you get the best of 3 different products. This kit includes a full sized Peppermint Halo Wand, travel sized Stress Release Mist and Peppermint Halo Oil Blend. All 3 of these products work wonders for me and I recommend this kit to anyone that suffers from constant headaches/migraines or just need a little pick me up at work or while traveling. It's surely worth a try and I'm so glad to have purchased this kit! 

Kit comes with travel sized Stress Release Face & Body Mist (*Full sized - 34FL. - $19.95)
I find myself using the Stress Release Face and Body Mist when I need a little pick me up from a stressful day. I spritz this onto my body and face and inhale deeply to breath in the blended aromatic oils which help to make me feel more calm and relaxed. 

Travel Sized Peppermint Halo Oil Blend (*Full Sized - .34FL - $26.95)
The Peppermint Halo Oil Blend has also been very helpful as I find myself using this quite often. My favorite time to use this is right after a nice warm shower and also right before bed. This stuff is amazing! I apply this along my hairline and dab a bit of this onto my temples and I kid you not, this works in minutes! It helps me feel more refreshed as the peppermint aroma also helps me breath better especially when I'm congested. I use this in conjunction with the Peppermint Halo Wand below.

Full sized Peppermint Halo Wand - $26.95

I'd have to say the Peppermind Halo Wand is my top favorite from this kit. This is a product that I dab onto my scalp in 8-12 (or more) different spots as it targets the different areas of my head. It gives a nice cooling sensation and when I use this before bed, I wake up feeling so much more refreshed, it's amazing! I love how this makes me feel each time I use it. The aroma is also very soothing and really helps calm my headaches when I start to feel one coming on. 

I highly recommend this Head Soother Kit to anyone that suffers from chronic head ailments and even nausea. You can also bring your empties in for a refill, how cool is that?!? When it comes to health and wellness, Saje Natural Wellness is my go-to for natural products. Their products are straight from nature and help you feel better without the negative effects of synthetics. Through experience, I have found their products to be effective in helping my body recover naturally. Many of their oil blends are also recognized by Health Canada and the FDA, so you can confidently choose 100% natural to address many common health concerns.

What are you waiting for? Start making 100% Natural Choices w/Saje Natural Wellness!

**Not Sponsored - All Products were purchased by me**



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