Monday, February 5, 2018

Suave Professionals Products Proven to Volumize

Recently, I had the opportunity to test out the new Suave Professionals hair products known to give your hair the volume it deserves while also maintaining a healthy and shiny look. 

Prior to receiving these full sized products, I was not aware that Suave came out with any new hair products, so you can imagine how excited I was to try this out. For years, I had always tried to achieve a more volumized look for my hair, but didn't take advantage of the tools to do so. With the help of these products, I was able to obtain that look I wanted without having to go to the salon for it.

I first tested out the Suave Professionals Rose Oil Infusion Volumizing Shampoo followed by the Conditioner. The smell of both of these products was amazing and so pleasantly refreshing. Both of these work to provide a weightless and natural bounce to your hair and I'd say after a few hours going about my day and allowing my hair to dry naturally, I felt how naturally smooth my hair was and I was loving it! When using both of these products together, I was amazed at how it gave me a natural lift while keeping my hair healthy and smelling fresh. It truly is best to use both of these together to give your hair the best treatment it deserves.

When it comes to styling, the Suave Natural Hold Micro Mist Hairspray does the job of keeping my hair in place without my hair feeling sticky. It's pretty crazy to say that with this hairspray, a little goes a long way. The micro mist is perfect as it eliminates that part of overusing the product. My hair truly feels like I didn't even use any hairspray at all when maintaining the flexibility of my hair in various weather conditions. It has certainly kept my hair in place for longer than 12 hours as it does claim to last for up to 48 hours! Wow!

As for the Suave Volume Mousse, I was genuinely thrilled to see that it was infused with 100% natural olive oil. I'm always about natural ingredients so that's a plus. My hair does not do well in humidity, however this mousse provided me protection and had kept my hair feeling flexible and under control. Mind you, I don't particularly like using mousse for my hair, but this wasn't so bad. Just like the hairspray, a little goes a long way with the mousse. Just make sure to shake it and spray an egg-sized dollop into the palm of your hand. Work it through clean and damp hair from roots to tip to achieve the volumized look you want. 

Overall, I was pretty happy with these products. It provided me the bounce and flexibility that I wanted as well as volume that I was never able to achieve before. Suave has certainly developed and achieved a lot with their new professional products and I'm certainly happy to have had the opportunity to try them. 

**Thank you Crowdtap, Suave and Unilever for the opportunity to test out these products for free.**


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