Monday, July 16, 2012

Daily Life

Well hello! Its been quite a while since I last blogged and I've been pretty busy since I moved back to San Diego. So here I am in my cute little cube at work. It'll be 2 months in 2 weeks and I must say, I'm pretty happy where I'm at. Not only did I manage to find a great job that I actually enjoy, but my hub managed to find a new job as well and is making arrangements to make it back to San Diego by the end of the month! 

The journey obviously isn't over. Although I enjoyed my nice long 9 month "stay-cation" in Texas, there's definitely no place quite like home in San Diego, Cali. I'm surely looking forward to buying a new car as well as a home of our own. *Cheers* to a bright future ahead! Now to enjoy the rest of my day!  Have a good one!!!



  1. Glad that you are doing great on your work and everything else. Your desk look so neat and organize unlike mine which is so much messy..hehe..(-__________-)
    Tc always!! ^_~

    1. Thanks Janet!!! Hope you're doing great!!! XoXo


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