Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Own Bikini Bottom

After heading to the local petshop, I decided to adopt a new buddy. So today, I introduce to you my new beta fish (which I haven't named yet). I'm familiar with raising tropical fish, however I find this freshwater fish and tank to be quite simple in maintaining.

It was recommended that if I didn't want to clean my tank weekly, it'd be best to get a live plant which I did so that I can clean it once every 2 weeks instead. Also, the most entertaining part of my mini tank is the Spongebob themed decor which I love! Not to mention, my fish loves to swim through Spongebob's home! It's amusing I tell ya!

Another thing is I'm excited to bring this new mini tank to work to have it displayed on my desk in my new workspace. I'm just not sure how i'll be transporting it in my car on the way to work, but nevetheless it'll keep me company there hehe...

On another note, Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads that do all they can to support their families. Enjoy because you all deserve this day!

Have a great one! XoXo



  1. I envy your fish tank! :(
    Spongebob is my favorite cartoon character.
    Wish I have one too.

  2. Cute! My nephew loves spongebob. =)

  3. Sooo cute! That's going to be the main attraction of your house :) By the way, I tagged you on my Getting To Know You post, hope you can check it out!

    1. Thank you for tagging me! I will definitely respond with a post for this! XoXo, Jen

  4. Yeah, I can remember Spongebob here. So cool of the design, color and all idea of having such pet/tank.


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