Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thrift Shopping with Mr. Goodwill

After watching one of my favorites The Nate Berkus Show, one of his guests, fellow bloggers & thrift shopping guru (as declared by Nate himself) Ms. Patrice Williams from Looking Fly On a Dime was on her third appearance for a special segment which they called "Thrift Finds Under $20". Not only did I love the outfit she had on in that episode, but I was seriously intrigued by her amazing finds as she shared valuable tips that I'm sure anyone who loves to thrift shop would certainly appreciate...

Courtesy of Looking Fly on a Dime - Can you believe Ms. Williams found these amazing brand
named pieces for under $25?
It's been a while since the last time I've thrift shopped as I haven't been able to get out and find one in town that I really like. Since that was the case, I took Ms. William's advice and decided to do some thrift shopping with Mr. Goodwill online. Honestly, I never knew that they had an online site until she brought that up and I'm so glad she shared that info! Perhaps I'm the last one on the planet to know about it or to even think about thrift shopping online lol, but seriously thanks to her I found an item online that I really adored and just had to have in my closet. Under the Retro/Vintage category of the store, I found an awesome Paisley Blouse that I immediately placed a bid on for a few bucks and just crossed my fingers that I wouldn't have another competitor. Its been a few days since I placed that bid and I honestly forgot about it, but luckily after checking my email this morning I was alerted that I had WON the item woo hoo! I don't normally get excited about stuff, but it's been a while since I've thrift shopped let alone done any of that ONLINE of all places haha.

Back to Ms. Williams...OMG I'm so jelly of her cute finds and outfit from her second appearance on the show. Sporting a mint green Armani blazer, vintage silk top and cropped pink pants which she purchased from Housing Works Buy The Bag ($25 for an entire bag of clothing) costs less than a freaking Chicken McNugget Meal! Say WHAT?!?

She also mentioned that her accessories were quite affordable. Her glitter heels were $10 and the belt and bracelets totaled $6! Her earrings were the only items that were non-thrifted, but daaaaaamn Gina! She saved a lot on that outfit!!! Good for her! I could surely learn a lot from this dime piece! One thing I know for sure that she has is patience! Apparently she fought through madness and avalanches of clothing to get her bag full of goodies (with one insane lady losing one of her shoes in that pile-wowza), but sure looks worth it to come out with those kinds of pieces!

As for my unique online thrift shopping experience, I found quite a few designer pieces by Oscar De La Renta, Armani, Vera Wang and Gucci. After a good 20-25 minutes perusing through Goodwill, I stuck with my super huge budget and limited myself to sticking with one item. This Paisley Blouse that I mentioned above should be arriving on my doorstep within the next 2-3 days and I just can't wait to give her a nice wash and then play dress up!

In the center is the Paisley Blouse I purchased. I can't wait till it arrives!
Here are some items above that I'm planning to match my blouse with. I thought it'd be nice to give myself options since there's just so much I can work with. Black or red leggings seem to be most ideal and a pair of either black or brown ankle booties, heels and even flats! Accessorizing will be the fun part!

With Ms. Williams valuable insights, it's true that you can Look Fly On a Dime without breaking the bank. Gotta love being on a budget! Thanks Mr. Goodwill!



  1. whoa the stuffs are so amazing! love it! btw thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.. I love your blog and decided to follow you back :D

    Have a nice day, dear!

    1. Thanks for tuning in Helena!!! Totally appreciate the love!!! :D Will definitely kit! You have a nice day as well boo! XoXo

  2. Thank you! Appreciate your feedback! XoXo


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