Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Find. Simple & Affordable Slip On Dresses

When it comes to window shopping, I'm usually pretty good at resisting myself from coming out of a store with a bag of goodies, however this time around my intent to "window shop" resulted in an impulse to purchase these three sweet dresses that happened to be on sale at Windsor...

Over the years, this store has been my go-to for unique & reasonably priced dresses as I've always had luck finding the perfect match that complimented my petite/average body frame. The day I walked in, I just happened to browse through their sale rack and saw this cute dress that I just had to try on for giggles.

At $29, I thought to myself "What a steal! If this dress fits and I like it, I'm going to buy it, no doubt!". Well, after trying it on and taking a quick snap (incase I wanted to come back later), I ended up in love with it and not wanting to part ways. It fit like a glove and the material was made of satin which felt super soft! The top part was uniquely tied in a bow making me feel like some special edible arrangement caramel candy gift wrapped and ready to deliver! An addition to this dress were the side pockets that I happen to be a huge fan of! 

I tried to think of an occasion that I could possibly where this to and even though I couldn't come up with any, I still came out with it because it was cute and affordable. My gut was telling me I'd regret it if I didn't buy it so I just went with it and I'm truly glad I did. 
After leaving the fitting room and not intending to do anymore shopping, I did one last look through the racks and found this "silver bullet" slip on tube dress that was on sale for $16 and it was back to the fitting room I went. I loved how easy it was to slip on as well as the pockets that was like the cherry on top for me. 

Made by Windsor, this dress is fabulously lightweight and comfortable! Again, I was telling myself to resist the temptation to do do another run through the store. 

However, in addition to this dress I had actually grabbed another slip on dress to try on made of 100% cotton and not to mention $10. This dress was just too cute and affordable for me to pass up so to end this shopping adventure, I came out with these three simple finds and left right away to avoid any further damage. 

Looks like I'll have to plan on shoe shopping again! Perhaps I'll be on the lookout for a pair of cute black peep toe booties and a black blazer/leather jacket to match!? 

Below, I put together some sweet finds and examples of what I'm trying to achieve with the first two dresses I tried on above. Something simple and chic with a bit of an edge.  Hopefully my next window shopping adventure won't result in another impulse buy ;) I'm sure you ladies can relate hehe. Till the next shopping adventure...



  1. So cute! Love the bows =) I found your blog now, do you want to follow each other?


    1. Thank you and glad you found my blog ;) I'm now one of your new followers! XoXo

  2. What cute dresses ! I'm especially jealous of the last one (I'm a creature of comfort hehe). I'm definitely down for swapping buttons. I've added one yours to mine (you can grab one of mine here : http://coeurdecors.blogspot.com/p/button-swapping.html)

    Lovely blog ! Enjoy hot hot Texas ;)

    1. Thanks Shubana! I definitely agree with you on that! Sweet! Thanks for adding mine! I'll go right ahead and do the same for you! XoXo

  3. I love dresses like the green and black one you tried, so elegant!

    Great blog by the way :)


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