Thursday, March 15, 2012

Train Case Shopping

As most of you know, I listed a train case on my "To Do List/Wishlist" a few posts ago and for months I have been on a crazy rampage search for one. What a ride I tell you! Since last year, I had my heart set on a particular one from Sephora, however because I waited so darn long to finally get one, I then found out it was DISCONTINUED! Now why in the world is it still showing on their site?

What a freakin' bummer! Well, after so much time researching the internet and not being able to find the same one anywhere, I saw a YouTube Video of the same kind, but of the Limited Edition Metro Black Diamond Train Case which I wasn't quite entirely sold on (i'm just not into the flashy diamond design), but was willing to purchase it anyways since it was in the color I wanted and of course for a $ale price!

So after finally deciding I was going to make this purchase and seeing that they had it IN STOCK, I added this particular item to my cart and as I was about to complete my purchase, I was then prompted with a red box informing me the item was no longer in stock! WOW. That sold out quick! Just to verify, I contacted a Sephora Customer Service Rep and they sadly informed me that the product was DISCONTINUED just like the first one I fell in love with, NOOooOOOOoooooOOO!!!! They do have the original one in silver left, however I didn't want to give up.

Again, I was back on that search for the past couple days for a similar train case that was black and most importantly heat resistant. One that wasn't too big nor too small. I'm no Pro Makeup Artist and don't need a rolling case or anything fancy. I'm huge on organization and can't stand having all my makeup in separate bags and what not. After watching more YouTube video reviews, there were girls recommending to get one from Yazmo and after finding one on that site that was strikingly similar, but a bit more costly - I was bummed to see that this was also also SOLD OUT!!! Man, what is going on here!? 

I was seriously about to end my search and wait longer for something to just show up one day, but as I was on a bodybuilding site that I'm regularly on for fitness advice, I came across a blog on there with the topic that happened to be about MakeUp Train Cases of all things! This particular lady gave such great advice for those on a budget looking for reliable Train Cases and recommended visiting SalonHive as they were all reasonably priced. Managing to find an identical case matching the one from Sephora, this one was a tad bit bigger in size overall than what I originally wanted, but my heart was not completely sold on it as something was telling me to keep on searching...

Yes, my gut told me to pay Ebay a visit and so with that I did. After doing a quick search for the Sephora Train Case just for the hell of it and after scrolling through all the listings, the heavens up above graced me with the presence of one seller who happened to be selling a NEW Sephora Midnight Train Case and for a steal! I immediately contacted the seller and badgered her with questions making sure this product was legit and it turns out, her boyfriend had purchased this for her as a gift for Valentine's Day and had no idea she had purchased one for herself prior to that. I'm giving this seller the benefit of the doubt after all, she does have 100% feedback.  Anyhow, today was the the last day to bid on the item and after battling it out with 2 other ladies and pressing that bid button on the very last 10 seconds of the auction, I WON! Woo Hoo!

I'm definitely thrilled that I got this for a steal since this particular item has been DISCONTINUED. According to many reviews, this item is quite popular and hard to get your hands on especially in stores. Apparently the price was recently lowered to $59 from $90-110. Within a week, I should be receiving this item and I can't wait to share it with you all! Ebay was certainly my last resort and I'm glad to have listened to my gut. One thing I learned through this whole experience is that if you're heart really settles on something, go for it! Don't think twice about it! Otherwise, you'll be going off the rails like me! Not a good thing to do, Haha... Anyhow, catch you all later mis amores ;) XoXo



  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for following! I will definitely return the favor ;) XoXo

  2. Ooooh cool! I've been wanting to buy a train case for the longest time! Great blog. I'll absolutely follow.


    1. I definitely feel you on that! Thank you Jessica for the love! XoXo


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