Monday, February 20, 2012

What's in Her Purse?

When it comes to toting things around in my purse, I'm one that likes to carry almost anything and everything I think would be useful, however I've learned to lessen the load over time and to only bring along items that I tend to use on the daily that don't weigh me down. Some of these reasons are for the fact that 1) Last year, my doctor diagnosed me with Bursitis which is an inflammation in the shoulders. I'd have to say it developed over time through work and possibly sleeping in a bad position. Luckily, exercising has helped decrease the pain, thank God! 2) My hubs often asks me to carry his keys or wallet at times so having that extra space in my purse surely serves that purpose, haha. 3) When I'm shopping, if I buy something that's light and I'd like to have a set of free hands, I can just toss it in my purse and I'm good to go. Lastly, 4) Having less contents means I'm able to find things easily rather than having to dig through to find my keys or phone if I'm in a hurry.

Here's a description of some of the items you see above that are essential to my daily regimen...

  1. My Steve Madden Cognac Bag. Given to me as a Christmas gift from my sister in-law, this bag certainly has plenty of space! I love that its versatile and expandable with a zipper on the bottom!
  2. Love love love this Relic zip-fold wallet! It has a vintage floral design with many slots inside along with a zippered compartment and one on the outside for coins. It's real leather and I got it for a steal of $12 @Kohl's!
  3. Yes, my trusty iPhone goes wherever I go including to bed! Haha...It serves as my alarm clock as well ;)
  4. I've got two pairs of eyeglasses for driving since I've been having trouble seeing things from a far distance, however my red Fendi F602's are one of my favorite designer pairs since the frame is lightweight. I think my vision is worth the price ;)
  5. Just like the Ray Ban Legends Laramie's, I carry a pair of Mossimo sunglasses for those bright sunny days.
  6. This is a Lip Balm by EOS that is one of my faves! I've actually posted a review about this which you can peep in my "Beauty" section tab above. I never leave home without it!
  7. Trident Tropical Fruit Gum. My husband seems to like this flavor a lot, lol. Heck, it's gum and it does what it's suppose to hehe...
  8. OMGoodness! I love this hand sanitizer made by Purell! My Mom had given this to me two years ago and I'm glad I still have some left over! I've been trying to find more of this stuff because it smells like apples! Sadly, I think it's discontinued, bummer :(
  9. Aquaphor is my life saver! I tend to get dry around the sides of my nose and a dab of this healing ointment works wonders! 
  10. Ahh Kleenex tissues. This one's pretty self explanatory :)
  11. Soft Lips...I use to use this before #6, however I tote this one around since this one belongs to my hub ;)
  12. Claritin are non-drowsy allergy pills that definitely help me during the hot stuffy days or perhaps if I'm around cats. This helps relieve watery eyes and that stuffy nose feeling. 
  13. My Apple In-Ear Headphones are handy especially on those days when I just want to listen to music or if I want to talk on the phone without using the speaker or having to hold onto the phone in hand. 
  14. My OB Tampon case is super discreet! BTW, get your free trial ---> here.
  15. Given as a Christmas gift from a couple of friends (thank you Adrian and Sara!), this is a purse hook that I absolutely love and carry everywhere for each purse I own. Made by Luxe Link, you can find them --> here.
Now that you've had a peek into my purse, you now know that I'm a pretty light packer, or at least I'd like to think so hehe... So ladies, what would you carry in your purse? What is the silliest item you carry now and never use, but keep, "just in case"? 



  1. I love your bag!! so cute!!I pretty also carry similar items as you. But I use Eucerin instead of Aquaphor..=)

    1. Thank you ;) Oh, I like Eucerin too! It's funny that both Eucerin and Aquaphor strikingly look the same :)

  2. I always have a sewing kit and nail cutter in my purse..^_^ in case of emergency

    1. I should definitely consider carrying those! Those items are pretty handy! Thanks for sharing Clai!

  3. I like that purse!
    Check out my latest post and let me know if you like it =)

  4. hehe love it! staples in any girls purse. you have a really cute blog here. LOVE! Following you for sure xx

  5. Hi Jacquii! Thank you & many thanks for stopping by and following! Yay! I totally appreciate it and the feedback :)... I will definitely stop by your blog as well!!!



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