Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love Me or Love Me Not

After visiting the mall and doing 
a little window shopping, I gasped 
after seeing that a new shoe store 
had opened up. Having learned it
was a sister shop to Langford Market,
- a boutique featuring 
many cute, vintage, boho, mod and
sophisticated wardrobes, I just
had to stop in. 

Immediately in love with several 
of their boots, a sweet employee 
had assisted me for over twenty 
minutes as I was having trouble deciding
which ones I liked best. A pair of long 
boots that I had been wanting
for so long or ankle boots that
I never thought to add to my wishlist 
because I had never imagined myself 
wearing them? Well love me or love me not, after trying them on, I went 
with a pair of taupe versatile ankle boots that go great with any pair of 
skinny jeans or even a cute dress! I was really happy with my purchase 
as these shoes are super light and incredibly comfortable!

When I bought these
shoes, the outfit I 
intended to wear with 
it was exactly what I put together 
below. As I mentioned above,
these boots go great with any pair 
of skinny jeans by which 
I chose a pair of H&M's. 
I love love love silk and sheer 
shirts as it brings me back to 
my nostalgic elementary school 
days when suede boots, teased up
bangs and The New Kids were 
the coolest On The Block (NKOTB).

Now to save some mula for that Marc
Jacobs Leather Satchel! 

Love Me Not


Silk shirt
£55 -

H&m jeans
£20 -

FOSSIL stainless steel watch
$135 -

Effy Collection fine jewelry
$1,500 -

Pandora jewelry
£370 -

Sydney evan jewelry
£695 -

Multi chain necklace
$18 -

Linea Pelle Collection vintage belt
$105 -



  1. awesome combinations...the shoes is amazeballs :)
    I'd love to go on a date with this kind of outfit ♥

  2. I loved the combination!
    I was wondering how to wear boots like that... it's quite difficult to find perfect combinations like that!

    Loved your blog! And the songs...amazing!
    Looks like we are in a mall!!!

    I'll be around! =D

    1. Thanks Pri!
      Yea, at first I wasn't quite sure what to pair with the shoes until I took them home and did a little soul searching in my closet ;)

      I really appreciate you tuning in to my blog! I'll definitely stop by yours as well!


  3. Wow! I love your boots. It's beautiful. I could just picture out how beautiful and sexy you are with those outfits. You know what? I like wearing boots. I actually 2 pairs of boots which I used during cold months since we don't have winter season in PH :)

    Oh, by the way, thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you visit again ^_^

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for your comment! Hehe, I really appreciate the love! Boots are definitely my favorite at this time! I'm taking advantage of the cold season at the moment since the summer can get extremely hot and humid here in Texas ;).

      Again, thanks for stopping by and I will make sure to visit you again!


  4. hello from australia =) new follower here! love the your blog template! i like these outfit post, especially the marc jacobs bag!

    The Ugly Moments

  5. Hi there! Thank you and thank you for the follow as well! :)


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