Saturday, September 2, 2017

My Thoughts on The New Car Feel Glade Plugin Car

It's here! The New Car Feel Glade Plugins Car Device & Refill!

Recently, Glade released the first of its kind, an actual fragrance plugin for the car! Before receiving this product, I was totally unaware that Glade was coming out with such a thing!? Better late than never! Here are my thoughts on the New Car Feel Glade Plugin...

What it looks like plugged in

First off, what's all the hype about this product?

One feature that will definitely be the selling point here is the adjustable fragrance to customize your drive. This is an awesome feature to help you control the level of fragrance being emitted throughout your drive. The plugin works only when the car is running, and a glow indicates when the plugin is actually working - good to know! It is also supposed to last up to 60 days (based on 4 hours per day on low setting), so that's a whole lot better than other car fresheners I've used in the past! Easy to use, simply plug this into the lighter port or 12V outlet and you're good to go!

The top lid keeps opening on it's own

What's the weak point about the product?

I won't sugar coat the fact that the lid just won't stay on securely. The instructions say to keep "pressing until you hear multiple audible clicks", but that wasn't the case for me. Now mind you, I made sure to insert the refill correctly as stated in the instructions. 

Now each time I plugged this into the outlet, the lid would pop open on its own. I would have to keep pressing on the lid every single time to make sure it stays on for an entire drive. I did not find this to be effective since the refill would fall out each time during the drive if I hit a bump on the road. 

It's Compact & Convenient

What I Like About It
The size is compact and the convenience of the plugin is great! It's lightweight and doesn't get in the way of things around the dashboard of my car. In addition, the fragrance is not overpowering at all as it has a clean and pleasant scent that will have your car smelling like new again! Your passengers will be surprised! Overall, it's a nice change from the ordinary car fresheners in canisters or even the ones you hang from your rear-view mirror. It's a safety issue to be messing with this while driving, so the top lid continuously opening is a problem for me. I'd definitely like to see more scents available.

Coupons on Coupons (Thanks BzzAgent & Glade!)

Disclaimer: Thanks so much to BzzAgent & Glade for sending me this product to test out for free! 

PS: Please excuse the normal to small font within my post. I have been experiencing issues with this for some reason and still trying to find a fix.


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