Friday, May 4, 2012

Home Again...

Jet lagged and exhausted. These are two words that completely describe how I feel at the moment. Just to update you all, I flew back to San Diego from Houston earlier today to make it in time for a job interview. Yes, a job interview. Most of you who have been following my posts during the past weeks knew that I had accepted a job offer in Houston which I was suppose to start last April 16th, however a lot has surely changed since then. 

Long story short, my heart was not fully invested into taking this job in H-town, therefore I declined the offer. There were quite a few things that held me back from fully accepting that job and one was having to work with only one car. I thought about shipping my car from Cali to Texas, but unfortunately my car is currently having issues. The thought of leasing a car also came to mind, however we certainly did not want to get locked into some two-year agreement especially with the idea knowing that we don't intend to stay in Texas for that long. Since all I could think about was how my hub felt about living in Texas as well as what I wanted for myself, we both thought it would be best for me to head back to Cali to help pave the way for him to come back in the near future as well as focus on myself. 

One reason I decided to come back was for the fact that I kept passing up job opportunities that came knocking on my door here in San Diego. Plus, I figured being back home would allow me to focus and find my niche somewhere. Along with having a job interview with USD today, I also had a phone interview yesterday with my old job at the University headquarters in La Jolla, Ca. It's great that I've got two options to choose from. At the moment, USD has invited me to a second interview with their staff and senior director next week. They completely sold me on the fact that they give free tuition for all employees which is amazing! Not only to their employees, but for their families as well! My old job also gives free scholarships if you want to earn your bachelors degree, however your spouse or dependents receive only a discount on tuition. Honestly, at this point I'm just thankful to have been considered for this job at USD as well as my previous job. Interviews are never easy and to always have to answer those same 'ol personality questions..."What are your strengths and weaknesses? Describe a time when you overcame adversity...Have you ever had an idea rejected? If so how did you handle it? What was the last book you read? What was the last movie you watched?..." uhhh Geez. 

Now that I'm back home in Cali, I've got so much to take care of. I spent so much time packing up large boxes that I flew with me and now I've got this big task of trying to figure out where to put everything. Plus, I need to take care of my car issues since the battery has lost its mojo. It hasn't been driven for 9 months now so I need to figure out if I'll need a new battery or a quick recharge. Another must do is to spend some time with my in-laws and visit our dog there that hasn't seen us since last January. I definitely need to pay them a visit once I figure out how I'll be able to get to their place without my car. 

So much to do...What I would really like to do is just take a break from this wild ride of emotions I've had in the recent weeks and go to Disneyland. I surely miss that place! Anyways, I can't wait to just settle down and feel normal again. 

Till the next update!



  1. Second time to visit ur blog and it is nice. Do not let to pass the chance to be happy for coming back home. Things can go alright if we wanted to. Goodluck.. Be the best.. Cheers!

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