Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Road Trip Recap - Gifts Received

As previously mentioned, I wanted to recap and catch up on my gifts that I received while I was on my short vacation...Aside from the new iPad from my MIL and FIL, my SIL sent me a few MAC products and Chanel samples that I have yet to try...

Retail Price $33

One of the MAC items which is the Limited Edition Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder comes in a Hawaii surfboard like packaging. It's in a Lush-Light Bronze color from the MAC Surf Baby Collection of 2011 which fits my NC30-35 skin undertone.  MAC doesn't sell these particular ones anymore, however you can find the regular ones for $23-30 from various random independent sellers. 

Retail price $38

The second item is the Limited Edition MAC Interior Life Eye Shadow Palette that you see above. They may not be the easiest shades to wear for darker toned skins, but you might find that these shadows appear quite sheen when applied. Can't wait to give this one a try... 

Retail Price $18

Another item given to me is the MAC Pro Longwear Etcetera Lip Pencil that glides on pretty well and stays on for a good amount of time between reapplication. It is also said to be transfer proof.  Its been a while since I've used any lip pencils so I can't wait to see how well this holds up.
Retail price $28
This item above is The Faerie Glen Lustre Lipstick that is a very beautiful pink nude color that works well with all skin tones.  It does have a very nice sheen to it which should satisfy all skin tones.  I believe this particular item is now discontinued from what I've read from another blogger.  Also, I tried to search for the product myself, but unfortunately I could not find it anywhere, darn. 

Retail Price $60
Retail Price $195

This product above comes from the Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Spring 2012 Collection.  The Foam Cleanser is a luxurious creamy formula that features Pearl Protein and Licorice Extracts that gently cleanse and purify the skin for renewed softness and luminosity.  As for the Brightening Concentrate, yes it does come at a hefty price.  Apparently, this product diminishes dark spots and helps the skin complexion become more even.  I will definitely use these sparingly and let you know how these products turn out! Big thanks to my SIL for these wonderful products!!!

In San Antonio, we made a stop at the Guenther House which I've mentioned in my previous post is a restaurant/factory mill museum that also has a store called the San Antonio River Mill Store.  This restaurant is such a great place to eat at as their breads and cakes are delicious! I also found out that you can make purchases online on items from their shop so everyone can get their hands on their yummy gourmet mixes!  While we were there, my MIL met another lady who happened to share her story that she drove 4 hours straight for all these bags of Sweet Cream Cake. After she shared her story and explained how great these gourmet mixes were, my MIL bought 6 for the rest of our family back in California to try.  There are quite a bit to choose from on their website and I assure you, these are ridiculously good!!! In fact, all their mixes are good!!! They served most of them during our brunch which is how I know they're bomb.com!
Along the way, my family and I visited the historic Downtown area of Brenham, Tx that has antique shops on every corner. One shop in particular that we stepped into was The Book Nook that sells bargain books, jewelry and gifts made of unique and recycled items.  While rummaging through their jewelry section, my eagle eye landed on this handcrafted watch above that I could not let go.  What I love about it is that it has so much detail on the front and back of the locket and not to mention, it is a bit heavy.  However for $12.99, it's a steal especially for a one of a kind handcrafted piece made by a jeweler named J. Campbell. Thanks to my Aunt for this wonderful gift!!!

While at the Blue Bell Creamery Factory my MIL and I were in a hurry zipping through their souvenir shop as they were closing up shop at 4PM.  I wasn't really looking to pick anything up, however my MIL insisted and got this cute shot glass for us. We've got quite a collection of shot glasses, after all, we did give out "Lucky In Love" shot glasses during our wedding reception in Las Vegas @the Monte Carlo Hotel

Along with everything above, my MIL purchased this bag for me from the central market around town.  I'm not quite sure where exactly she got it from, but it's a pretty big bag that I'll most likely use for grocery shopping.  Thanks Mother dear!!! She's so giving I tell ya!!!

Thanks to my old co-worker pal Yatendra who gave me a fabulous Nordstrom Gift Card which allowed me to make the purchases above. While I was away, these items above arrived just in time.  I love my new watch as well as the poncho which I got in a Turquoise color instead of what you see in the picture. Awesome items for a steal!  

Oh yea, I got my new iPhone case in and I love it!!! It's so versatile and super cute!!! It has a magnetic closure along with slots for id's and cash! You can even remove the inner wallet which is another added feature to this wristlet case. I'm really happy now that my phone is protected.  I've got one more item on the way and I'm hoping it arrives soon and in excellent/new condition as described! Can't wait to start organizing soon!!! 

I've got a lot of things going on today and one of them is to start preparing for dinner...Hmm, where to begin hehe... Catch ya'll in the next post! Ciao bellas!!



  1. OMG! I love that iPhone case as well! It is so cute! Love the print on it.

    By the way, I love your blog as well and now following!




    1. Hi Cindy! Appreciate it!!!

      Thanks for stopping by! I've now followed along as well! Have a great day! XoXo

  2. oooo those mac products have such pretty colors!! cant wait to see them on you :)

    1. yes, I definitely can't wait to try 'em all! my favorite so far is the lipstick! hehe...XoXo

  3. wahhh!! lots of nice items!! I want them too!!!~ The mac nude lipstick look so pretty!You should do a FOTD on it, it'll definitely look great on you =) OOoh~ I'm so excited with Channel one, be waiting for your review on those ^_^~

    1. heheheh...omg yes the nude lipstick is super pretty! I will definitely do an FOTD one of these days ;) Thank you for the love Janet! My experience with the Chanel products will be posted soon as well! XoXo

  4. cool necklaces and nice blog, with a soundtrack! funny!
    i follow you now!

    1. Thanks Miss Amanda! I will definitely do the same! XoXo

  5. Hi there! Thank you for following along! I will definitely do the same! XoXo


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