Monday, February 13, 2012

Get It By Valentine's Day!

How many of you have your Valentine's Day all planned out? Whether you do, you don't, or don't care and wish it didn't exist, don't sweat it! I'm sure you will all benefit from this...One thing I know that women love is to receive free items. If you're like me and enjoy shopping at places like Victoria's Secret, it sure is no secret that they give items for free during the seasons. Just recently, I received a few vouchers in the mail of which one was for a free Lacie V-Day Thong. After receiving this voucher, I visited the mall and went right into the store to redeem mine as there were a few colors to choose from (red, pink, and black). All free bottoms are usually "One Fit All" and most especially very comfortable! I personally chose black since I wanted to match it with their new Very Sexy Seduction Bra that my boo surprised me with! This is my third free bottom from Victoria's Secret and I'd have to say, I have never been let down. If you're wondering how you can start receiving these free vouchers, all you need to do is sign up here. 

If you'd also like to create and send a Victoria's Secret "oh-so-sweet" Valentine's Day card to someone special, you can do so here. No need to waste your precious neurons, time and money when you can keep things simple while maintaining your budget. Enjoy your Valentine's Day lovelies!


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